The Remstal

A region of variety on Stuttgart's doorstep

The Remstal countryside is primarily characterised by its variety. There are extensive vineyards, grazed orchards, fields and forests as well as a long stretch of natural river valley. From Essingen on the Swabian Alb to Neckarrems near the state capital Stuttgart, the Rems grows from a small spring to a significant river. The different seasons make the landscape a particular experience – the spring with its cherry and apple blossom or the autumn with its colourful vines heavy with grapes are a sight for sore eyes.

Along the valley lie towns and villages that are rich in history and culture which invite you to visit and enjoy yourself. The Limes, the boundaries of the Roman Empire declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2005, run through the Remstal. From here the medieval Staufer dynasty with Emperor Fredrick I. Barbarossa wrote European history and the origin of the Kingdom of Württemberg is found in the Remstal. The world-famous automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler was born in Schorndorf; Kärcher and Stihl are also well-known companies from our region. Friedrich Schiller and Eduard Mörike lived in the Remstal for a long time and the composer Friedrich Silcher was born in Weinstadt, where Gotthilf Fischer, conductor of the famous Fischer-Chöre, resided.

Fine cuisine and excellent wines distinguish the Remstal. The choice ranges from gourmet cuisine to traditional Swabian fare. Do not miss out on a trip to the numerous cosy wine taverns called “Besen” or a local wine festival to spend a great time with friendly people. The annual Weintreff (wine meet up) offers the opportunity to get to know a grand selection of fine wines from our wine-growing region. The Remstal is therefore not just something to be seen, but really to be tasted, too!

Experience the Remstal

You can explore the historic towns and beautiful countryside of the Remstal in an informative, exciting way on different town tours, with a canoe or our winegrowers and tour guides.

In order to bring you closer to the landscape of our region, we have signposted the Remstal-Radweg (106 km) and six more cycle trails for various levels of ability. Those who wish to go hiking have a wealth of options: The RemstalWeg (215 km) offers the perfect opportunity to explore the Remstal, as well as numerous trails of various lengths and conditions in our municipalities, altogether over 700 km. Further a section of the internationally renowned Way of Saint James runs through our region and the nearby Swabian Forest has cycling and hiking trails to offer, too.

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Save the date

Remstal Museums Night – June, 22nd 2024
An evening full of culture and culinary experiences in nearly 40 museums (free entry).

Weintreff – Discover the best Remstal wines - February, 22th & 23th 2025
Annual wine tasting with almost 50 local wineries presenting a great selection of fine wines from the Remstal (Rems valley).

12-Hours-Remstal-Walk – May, 29th 2025
Enjoy a varied hiking tour in the Remstal with like-minded people (around 45 km, route varies each year).